Hey all! Welcome to 2017! 

The new year has been pretty busy already, which shouldn't come as a surprise. I took a week off for the holidays but am now back into the swing of things. I wanted to take a moment and let you know how things are progressing, in general, and where you can find me and try my games over the next year. 


I will be traveling to many conventions this year in an attempt to demo my new games and try to grow a community and audience. Hopefully I will see you at at least one of them. Here is my tentative list

  • IndyCon (February)
  • Who's Yer Con (March)
  • Origins (June)
  • Gen Con (August)
  • Metatopia (November)
  • BGG Con (November)

There are a few other Cons I would like to hit, like Geekway to the West and Con on the Cob. I'll see how many my schedule allows me to do. 


2017 should be a big year for Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance. The Traveler's Guide to Edara will be releasing sometime this year and physical copies will be for sale at both Origins and Gen Con (and most likely some other cons as well.) We will be running games of Edara at Gen Con this year to give everyone a chance to try out the system, which we're very proud of, and also see of the content we have planned for future supplements. 

We will also be putting out more adventurers for Edara (finally!) and are in the process of bringing on some writers to help make that happen. 

First Responders, Inc

The goal here is to have First Responders, Inc in such a state that it can be shopped to publishers by Origins. Hopefully I can bring it to both that convention and to Gen Con and see if anyone is interested in it. The game has come along nicely (and I'll have some playtest information to post on the blog soon) and The Game Dojo is still in full swing helping me perfect the game. I will be bringing the game with me to local game design days in Indianapolis, as well as to Who's Yer Con. If it still needs more work after Origins I might bring it to Metatopia as well. 

Gears of Defiance

Expect a Kickstater this year! It will either be late 2017 or early 2018. The plan is to have an ashcan ready for sale at Gen Con so everyone who is interested gets a chance to check out the ruleset. I'm pretty proud of this game, and ready for it to get out there in the world. The feedback I received from Metatopia last year was phenomenal. I'll probably bring it back there one last time to polish the final version before the Kickstarter launches. I'm currently in talks with a potential publisher, so we will see where that leads. 

The Space Empire RPG

Yes, the Space Empire Game, of which I haven't spoken much about yet. I am co-designing this game with Jason Hilberdink and we are still fairly early in the design. My hope is that we have a working prototype of the RPG ready to go for Metatopia this year, with plans on focusing on the game in 2018 and maybe publishing it next year as well. It is an interesting take on Powered by the Apocalypse and I can't wait to see where it takes us. 

Thanks for checking in

That's all for now, but stay tuned to this blog for future updates on the games we are designing! I'm sure I'll pepper in a few blog posts on relevant topics, other games, and just my life in general.