I thought it was high time to dive into a progress report for Loremaster Games in 2017 and let everyone know what we've been working on behind closed doors. 

I've been wanting to write this blog post for awhile but as some of you know, I've been hard at work on The Traveler's Guide to Edara, which is DONE, thank goodness, and the PDF is in final review. Once any necessary changes are made, that will be out to backers.

Secondly, I've finished the Ashcan preview version of Gears of Defiance. This is a game dear to my heart and something I'm very excited about it. I think the ashcan looks good, and I can't wait to get graphic design and layout done on it. The aschan should be available at Gen Con, if all things go as planned. 

I'm still hard at work on First Responders, Inc. If you've been following along on the Game Dojo (which you should be!) you'll notice the game has become more and more of a light Euro with every iteration. I've revamped a good bit of it between this version and the last, enough so that it looks on the surface like a very different game. I'm happy with the direction, and the core mechanics have remained unchanged, but the way the game pays out income has changed for the better. I'm excited to bring this one to conventions and give people a chance to demo it. 

Lastly, I'm happy to announce that I have incorporated as Loremaster Games, LLC. This makes us an official company, and allows me to handle things like taxes, payroll, etc. I'll also be channeling all my freelance work through Loremaster Games as well, to make more sense on the business end of things. This should really help when it comes to publishing my next few books. I'm looking ahead past Gears of Defiance and First Responders, Inc and have several ideas of where to head next. 

Can't wait to start production!